Award winning Irish wedding photographer Jay Doherty -

Derry, Donegal, Ireland and Northern Ireland creative and documentary style wedding photographer   email :   tel : UK 07736004203

Jay has won countless awards for wedding photography - including ppani wedding photographer of the year and documentary wedding photographer of the year 2016, a pair of Fearless awards ( ) , 6 Masters of European Wedding Photography in 2017 as well as finishing no. 1 Irish Master of Wedding Photography in 2017. These are grand, my ma thinks I am great and my da is his proudest when folk ask him about his number 3 son. Wedding awards are cool and I am grateful for them all but they are secondary to the love I have for the wedding experience. I love the new people it brings into my life and the adventures we have together through the great outdoors of Ireland. I hope we can make some wonderful images together as we tour the great landscapes of our nation...

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