Guinness Brides -

Guinness Brides

This photography project began many years and many more weddings ago. I've always loved the aethetic of a bride with a pint of Guinness, the white, the black, the female form with a tradtional oul fellas beverage - it all just fits together and works. There are days I suggest a photo of the bride with a pint of the black, there are days when she simply has to have one, there are times when I am emailed and asked can an upcoming bride be a 'Guinness Bride'  - I love it. A few years back I released a coffee table photography book by the name of 'Guinness Brides', the first run sold out fairly quickly and in turn the second edition, so who knows there might be a new edition on the shelves in the next year or two. A massive thanks to the brides that have been down for the cause and for the pubs that have helped us celebrate this great wee tradition...

(a wee funny note - my original 'Guinness Brides' book is somehow available on Amazon in the USA with a massive price tag...I have no idea how this happened, I've never received an royalties anyway...funny )

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