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Song for an old friend...

Many moons ago, in days of great sorrow and near famine I found myself in the unusual position of converting our in-house Irish Pub 'The Craggy Tavern' into an office. So it seemed my days of wild boozing abandon had ground to a halt, and it was time to start my own business. What I had was a dream and an empty room, what I didn't have was cash. So like an self-respecting scavenger it was off to Springtown Industrial estate I went. Like a tinker from days of old, in search of a piece of timber, a few pallets or anything that roughly resembled a desk. Through back alleyways and forecourts my van crept til I happened upon a welcome sight. I'd reached the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, I'd found the crock of gold at the end of a grey monochrome rainbow. There she stood, all 10ft wide of her, with 4 long slender black legs. It was like a message from the gods - go forth and start your own business young Doherty, like many Dohertys before you! With the aid of the 2 strongest men in Muff county I installed this beast of a desk in my office, where she served me well for about 3 solid years. The wood lice and assorted creepy crawlies that co-habited the desk with me didn't seem to mind the move across the border. These days I sit at this fancy desk, with a fancy spinning Mastermind chair. I enjoy recounting a tale of humble beginnings, good fortune and sad goodbyes. With my new all-white furnished gallery/ office space installed it was time to return the desk back to exactly where I found it in Springtown. We had some amazing advenutres together, edited some of the weddings that would be the foundation of my career, fell into many pitfalls of business together, crawled out and restarted. We were best of friends, me and that old soggy, chipboard desk. Well that's my tale. It's moral perhaps is self-belief, working damn hard, making all the mistakes in the game and learning form them. About making the most of what you have, where you are. Dreaming big, jumping in deep, proving the naysayers wrong. It's not a unique tale, but this is my version. If anyone's thinking of starting a business, has no cash, and little in the way of dignity, perhaps you'll give me a buzz, I'll share the location of some choice used office furniture with you !!

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