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....deadline looming is usually when I get things done - completion in advance is a forgeign concept. Tonight is due competion date for my 'Solitude' project, to be printed framed and ready to sell. My final subject 'Son of Gee Man' gave me a half hour of his time to drive to the magic tree in the far off mountains of the Irish / UK borderlands. Hike up, set up, and shot in 10 minutes - the dullest day of the dullest week, flat light, where shooting black and white was the only option (or blag and white in this case). Done deal, then the drive home, full of oul chat and caffine. We were approaching the Muff city limits when a blinding light hit my wing mirror, and it wasn't the Garda checking for southern reg plates this time, but a biblical-grade strip of sunlight peaking form the blanket of grey that had hung over Donegal for the past week. I tried to forget, tried to the scene in Indian Jones when they open the Ark of the Covenant "it's beautiful", they cried......."NOOO, DON'T LOOK AT IT", warned Indy. I drove another mile before I u-turned knocking tay and coffee all across the dashboard, and rallied back to the hill, now 20 minutes in our rear-view. Son of Gee-Man understood, but I apologised anyway and hoped and gambled the return journey would yield the sun drenched goodness that I craved. I've a few photos that 'got away' under my belt from down the years and they never leave me, they always remain, heavy and constant. This time the sun hung around for us, in fact this time she got better and better the lower she fell. We drank it in, danced the merry jig of wild men free and shot a few rematch photos, in vivid techni-colour this time..... There are a few local artists selling their wares at the 'Crafts Galore market in Buncrana this xmas - I'll have this print and a few others, some landscapes, a few Keith Hrkin photos that lay in the vault for the last few years, and some of my 'Solitude' project prints for sale . You might have a peep in - begins tomorrow - I'll be there on saturdays only, for the next 3 weeks. Keep in real, keep a few pound in the local economy....

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