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Reasons to be grateful…

The sight of the early morning sun through the bedroom curtain

The sound of my son whispering in your ear to come play cars

The feel of hot water on your back, and hotter water going down your neck

A fit of laughter with the wife that reminds you that this really is forever

Reading a poem that felt so right for this chapter in my life

The sound of the van door slide closed for the last time as we hit the road to freedom

Floating in the air on a playpark swing in sync with my daughter

The smell of my son’s hair as I carry him crying down a country lane

The sight and sound of the Atlantic swell as it reaches its sandy destination

The creak of a rusty door that leads to a new escape

Soft sand beneath your feet, warm sun on your back

A winter sun that reminds me that springtime will arrive, soon enough

A short conversation with a 3 year old that came over to say hello to us on a new beach

2 donkeys in a coastal field with 2 magpies on their backs

Hot coffee and a homemade  bun, made for one another

Lego, Screwball Scramble, tomato soup to aid calm

Leaping onto a skateboard for the first time in a week

Warm, welcome swimming pool water to heal us all, body and mind

The sight of my girl completing a full length of the pool

The long journey home, quiet conversation, heater at the feet

The sight of an ambulance and the knowledge that I am not in it

A message of elation from a friend that just got engaged

A photo of my parents that shows they are healthy and happy

No more words as we dine together in darkness in the van

The sight of home, the tired souls, the cats assemble to greet us

A starry night at the hilltop castle, a pink moon rising over the fort 1 million stars to greet as my eyes adjust

The children are asleep safe and well, more memories made

The wife to greet me in the big bed, cold feet and all

…..many reasons to be grateful on Sunday 4th February 2018

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