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What a delight to be able wander the grounds of Farnham Estate in County Cavan on a sunny afternoon. Let's rewind a thou....I believe the initial conversation went along the lines of 'Hi, Jay my name is Hollie (you got me already), I am not only beautiful but great fun and gentle and caring and have gorgeous bridemaids and a warm loving family. My husband to be is one cool cat, civil in the extreme and a handsome beast of a man. We are getting maried in a wee village church in the summer, our reception will be at the finest country manor with 100 photo locations surrounding. The weather is guaranteed to be perfect, our transport a wee soft top Morris. We promise to laugh and giggle, and carry on, we'll shed a tear or 2, we'll bring 1000 sparklers, we'll run through meadows, we'll shoot polaroids and hug each other and our people the day long. Did I mention we'll even have a pair of the Saw Doctors making a guest appearance? You'll be dining in the restaurant cellar during your break and if you are feeling the pain sure why not treat yourself to the outdoor heated pool beneath the clouds. Anyway, I'm ringing to ask if you'll come and shoot some photos on our wedding day, pretty please....? My response was yes, yes a thousand times, clear my schedule, I'm heading south, to Farnham Estate with a lunchbox of jam pieces and pair of Football Specials. I'm headin south with a big smile on my face and the elbow out the van window. King of the road....

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