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In a former life, in a galaxy far, far away this was my daily operation... Chief delivery guy for the family firm, dealing in tileware. On a busy day I'd donkey 4-5 tonnes of tiles from our van into the gaffs and building sites of the greater Derry / Donegal area. Surely it was a grand life when I was a thou younger and bereft on any real ambition - half days off to suit the surf swells, late mornings, time to edit photos between customers, I didn't have to check a single mortgage statement in 10 years - it was just paid in from my monthly envelope - it was like the building trade's answer to the fountain of youth. But I paint a rosy picture, it was grim enough, and money was earned by the sweat of my brow. The more I tasted the life behind the lens the more I begrudged donating my life and muscle to the tile game. There was a opportunity, there was a life for me outside those prison walls if I could only take the steps to make it work financially and finding a way to deal with the guilt and sense of duty to the family. It seems like a lifetime ago, but I reality it was only 3 years ago that I left it for good. I have this photo amongst others on the office wall, as a source of motivation, and maybe respect for the path I have beaten out against some pretty big odds. Against the common attitude within the professional photography industry I think we get it very handy, certainly in the context of what 95% of the rest of the planet is subjected to. I didn't lift a single bag of tile cement up 3 floors of steps today, no, I delivered a family wedding photo and drank tea with a bride's parents, took a drone photo from 30 metres up, spoke to a 2017 bride on the phone, wrote a blog post and edited a new wedding album in my warm office while listening to De La Soul....the good life, gratitude, humility, respect...

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