Ballyliffin Lodge wedding of Peter and Manisha -

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Peter and Manisha - civil ceremony at The Ballyliffin Lodge and Spa, Inishowen, Donegal.

A winter dream, this wedding has all the elements I adore in an Irish wedding. Peter and Manisha, now living in London, can home to Donegal to celebrate their love and make their union with a civil ceremony in the wonderful Ballyliffin Lodge, on the northern coast of Donegal. The morning was made so special with a quiet meeting together in the bridal suite, called a 'first touch' where the couple meet prior to the ceremony to exchange a few words, hold hands, reassure....but not to see. It's a very moving and emotional event. Peter and Manisha, shared a few giggles and words of love, before Peter left to take his place at the top of the aisle.

I like to shoot each wedding as natually as possible, to capture the action and energy as it unfolds, then from time to time create some magic myself too. We took an adventure around the headlands of the Isle of Doagh, under a cool, but clear Donegal sky, saw great swells of Atlantic energy pound the coast, walked the country lanes and made it back to the hotel in time for a hot totty.Winter weddings present some challenges surely, but much more than that they present massive opprtunities. With the right preparation, a positive attitude and a good set of wellies we can accomplish anything out there.

Peter is a true gentleman, he adores his girl and she, an eastern princess, so beautiful and such pleasant company to keep. Days like these are my idea of heaven. Cool, turbulent winer days on the coast of Donegal, with two fine humans sharing a massive love...

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