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Time is the ultimate luxury on a wedding day - if we allow time for enjoyment, fun and good family moments we can achieve so much. Please do not go last for hair and makeup, please remember that the final hour will fly by in a wee instant. Have a wee look at the slideshow below for some natural, fun wedidng photography from some of my weddings shot in Ireland and Northern Ireland, Donegal and such beautiful places...

The kind of questions I get asked...

"I don't like posing for photos, will this affect my wedding collection?"

No, I generally favour natural, fun photos over traditional wedding poses. It can take only a few seconds to create a beautiful image that can capture not only your personality but the good vibe of your wedding day.

"You are fairly expensive, no?"

Perhaps - there are cheaper than me and there are also more pricey than me. I believe in total transparency and truth - all my wedding packages come with beautiful, super-luxurious albums, the finest on the market. They require no extra upgrade money, they come with extra photos, extra upgrades as standard. I shoot long hours, I shoot relentlessly through the day, I capture the heart and soul of your wedidng adventure,as well as the traditional family photos, and try always to make it a pleasurable experience. We will have fun, we will get dramatic, we will scream and shout, we'll take to the hills and the beaches - advenutre is fully guaranteed

"When do you arrive to begin shooting and how long do you stay?"

Depending on package and time and proximity my day may begin at the groom's house during the morning preparations, a few hours before the ceremony, where I capture the groom, his family and groom's men, before traveling to meet the bride at her location. There I can shoot her dress and accessories, some family photos, preparation stages and fun with the bridesmaids. I work with you throughout the day, during the ceremony, the photo location, the reception cake cutting and speeches. Often we can stay until a few songs after the first dance after capturing some of the action on the dancefloor, if the bride and groom chose. I do enjoy finishing a wedding with an evening photo, as the sun begins to set or beneath a starry night sky

"How long does the photo session take after our ceremony"

The traditional after-ceremony location shoot can take as little as 45 minutes, maybe an hour, maybe more. I have no requirement, I would enjoy an hour, we'd have fun and would feel no pressure to get moving. I invite you to bring champagne on location, a few sandwiches to keep the energy levels up. I can capture many timeless fine photographs in a very short period of time. With your bridal party and family at a location I generally shoot some large groups and smaller individual groups first. I then allow them to leave and spend perhaps a half hour with the bride and groom alone. If the energy and motivation are high, it would shock you how much we can get done together in a short period. There will be plenty of laughter and some close intimate moments side by side. You will not be bored, you will not have to continually paint on a fake smile, you WILL simply be enjoying the company of your friends and family and new husband/ wife. I strive to make this photo session one of the many memorable parts of your day.

"I live in a land where rainfall is plentiful! Does bad weather affect our photo opportunities?"

Absolutely not. I have spent the last 35 years living in this rainy land, I have been shooting weddings all over Ireland for the past 8 years and am well versed in the variable offerings from the sky! I come prepared for all weathers. During my preparations for your day I will seek out some sheltered locations both within and without your reception venue. My advice to couples is to be open minded and spontaneous - if we do get a break in the clouds we can make for a cool location to make some amazing photos together, at any time during your day. If necessary I have backup coats, wellies and umbrellas for all, and after all gloomy skies can make for some really atmospheric photographs! "Do you work alone or do you have a 2nd shooter?" I work as part of a team of 2 photographers. My assistant will shoot a collection of alternative angles and candid fun moments from your day, and is also fairly good a carrying my stepladder when necessary! "When can I see my photographs?" Your photographs are generally available for viewing not after your honeymoon or 2 week after your wedding day. I can show you your complete collection, from which you can choose your favourites for inclusion in your wedding album. My digital storybook albums can comfortably hold between 70-100 photos.

"Do I receive a USB of my photos? Are they printable?"

Yes, all my packages have a USB that will include the entire wedding day collection. They are high resolution allowing you to print them as often as you like or share with friends online. Generally the usb holds 500-600 photos

"What size are your albums, how many pages are they and how many photos can they fit?" My albums come with 50 pages as standard, but they often come with 60 or 70 pages if the photos demand lots of space? This will comfortably house 70,  80, 90 photographs. I have found that this is a beautiful size to showcase a complete wedding day at its very best. There is plenty of space for full page photos and well designed layouts. The pages are the thick card stock that allow the album to lie flat when opened. You have a choice of cover options too - fine leathers from around the world, linens too. I have many sample albums of my previous weddings to view if you call for a cuppa

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